Saturday, March 1, 2008

Not a good day to be a terr.

Weapons and foreign terrorist facilitation networks targeted; six killed, 13 detained
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces killed six terrorists and detained 13 suspects Friday and today during operations to disrupt al-Qaeda networks in central and northern Iraq.
During a series of operations Friday, Coalition forces targeted alleged associates of the Samarra al-Qaeda in Iraq network’s senior leader. Intelligence led Coalition forces east of the city to a location where the associates were believed to be operating. Coalition forces observed several vehicles containing suspects departing the target area. The assault force attempted to stop the vehicles, but they refused to comply with instructions. The assault force followed escalation of force procedures, eventually firing on the vehicles to stop them. Six terrorists were killed and four vehicles were destroyed as a result of the engagement. Coalition forces also detained one suspect on site and recovered several weapons.
North of Tarmiyah today, Coalition forces captured an alleged weapons dealer reportedly associated with the northern belt al-Qaeda in Iraq network senior leader. The network is responsible for the majority of improvised explosive device attacks in the area, and is involved in extortion, intimidation, weapons trafficking and the facilitation of foreign terrorists. The wanted individual identified himself to the ground force and was detained along with three suspected terrorists.
During separate operations west of Samarra and in Sharqat, three suspected terrorists were detained today while Coalition forces targeted associates involved in the facilitation of finances and weapons for the al-Qaeda in Iraq networks in Samarra and Mosul.
In northern Iraq, Coalition forces detained three suspected terrorists during two precision operations. In southeast Mosul Friday, Coalition forces detained two suspected terrorists while targeting a weapons facilitator for the al-Qaeda in Iraq networks throughout the city. Another suspect was detained west of Shammar Jarbah today, during operations targeting an associate of a senior level foreign terrorist facilitator.
Coalition forces conducted an operation Thursday and Friday east of Tikrit, near the Hamrin Mountains, targeting associates involved in an alleged al-Qaeda in Iraq training facility and media network. The ground force detained two suspected terrorists, and found a weapons cache and various terrorist propaganda materials hidden behind a wall in one of the target buildings. The cache included several machine guns, a rocket propelled grenade launcher, blasting caps, improvised explosive device materials and ammunition. While they were clearing the area, Coalition forces also found and destroyed an IED to eliminate the threat to Iraqi civilians and military forces operating in the area.
“Iraqi and Coalition forces are keeping the pressure on al-Qaeda in Iraq,” said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman. “We’re finding the places they hide, and disrupting their supply of weapons and foreign terrorists. Al-Qaeda will find no safe haven in Iraq.”

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