Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ok I have almost my ideal rifle it is an M16A2 with a scope however I would prefer an A3 or A4 model with a flattop but that is another $350-500 to spend that is a future purpose because then it would mean a different scope as well. What I can do in the mean time is get the accessories I need.
Cleaning kit check
I need a good assault vest I saw some today used for $10.00 with the MOLLE mag pouches for $2.00 a piece.
I need about 15 more magazines not that I can carry 16 but would like to be able to load out at least 8 at a whack.
Also there is the option of a chest rig not the kind I can put a trauma plate in but there are some nice ones out there.
I got good knives, there is however a field M16/A15 repair tool that would be nice to have.

No I am not looking at an M4 because the shorter barrel length degrades the performance of the already whimpy 5.56 round.

Am I missing anything?