Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marine Tanks in Afghanistan

Leave it to the Marines of all US forces to bring tanks into Afghanistan. The M1A1 will provide the Marines with long range precision fires and nothing says in your face like a tank unit rolling up on a position. Yes I know the Soviets had tanks all over Afghanistan during their stay there but I would hope the Marines would have better sense than to replicate the tactics they used. “We also hope to intimidate the enemy and provide superior and accurate firepower to kill the enemy, and only the enemy.”

Khost Afghanistan

Dawn news is reporting a pretty large scale battle in Khost overnight 10 Taliban (I am thinking Haqqani network fighters since this is they home base) killed and 12 captured. Three suicide bombers detonated their vests killing a woman and injuring a child. It appears that this group launched an attack while Afghan and US forces were about to go on a joint patrol (not a bad idea) but then after several hours of fighting got rolled up.

Russia getting rid of the AK

The Russian Defense Minister said it is time to get rid of the AK-47? Well for one thing the Russians do not use the AK-47 anymore and have not since the 1970s when they switched to the AK-74. There will be more on this later as the so called defense expert said the M4 is the gold standard in military small arms.

More on this later as have been working on an opinion piece that U.S. forces are under gunned in the small arms department. More on this to come