Friday, December 30, 2011

Its Dead Jim

Sadly and with much regret I had to pronounce a Remington 742 30-06 dead tonight. The receiver had a small crack along the on of the rails the bolt travels on. This was causing the bolt to cycle at an angle which was jamming the weapon about every other shot according to the owner of the rifle. The rails the bolt rides on feel like the edge of a serrated knife and there is some very unusual wear on the inside of the receiver and some actually divots for lack of a better word. This all causes further issues with the rifle cycling. I know the 742s have a reputation for jamming and Remington makes the weapon almost impossible for the owner to actually clean the weapon as all you can do is remove the trigger group and clean it and around the action as much as possible and you can run a cleaning rod down the barrel (how quaint). The owners manual actually says to take the weapon to a Remington certified gunsmith or send to Remington for an annual cleaning. That is bogus. The good thing is the owner has a very nice Leopold scope that he can now mount on a good rifle instead of the one he currently has.

This is a 742 not the one in question. 

This is my first DOA arrival for a weapon and I was the owners second opinion as another gunsmith had previously told him it is dead. I hope this give the owner the peace of mind to go purchase a new rifle.