Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Economist

Has an excellent article on Afghanistan.

So it has begun

The Pakistani army has moved into South Waziristan with the intention of wiping out the TTP (Pakistani Taliban). The government and military have been putting this attack off since mid-summer but after a string of attacks inside of Pakistan over the last month that resulted in over 150 dead and attacks on the General Headquarters of the Pakistani Army they were left with no choice but to go in.

There are some important things to remember here, the operation is aimed only at the TTP not the other Taliban and al-Qaeda groups in the area. The other groups such as the LET, Harkat etc are seen as good Taliban and aid the Pakistan government in fighting in Kashmir or only fight in Afghanistan. Pakistan has no real desire to stop the fighting in Afghanistan or Kashmir as this suites their strategic goals of keeping India busy and also trying to reclaim Afghanistan. It was Pakistan the gifted the world with the Taliban so that they could control Afghanistan. This situation will warrant a close watch. The Long War Journal has a great overview of the situation.

It is interesting to note that the Pakistani military is going for the blowtorch approach to this campaign. It has stated it is going for firepower and not going to risk troops on the ground. Watch this situation because within two months the passes will be closed do to snow and operations will ground to a halt. My opinion is this much vaunted operation will be loud and the Pakistanis will report great success but in the long run not much will change.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Our political elite have decided to replace the will of the people with what they think is best for us. There is less and less support for the health care initiatives being proposed out of Washington but instead of listening to the American people the politicians are going full speed ahead.
Why year after year do our dear leaders ask us to participate in the electoral process and then do not bother to do the bidding of those who elected them? I have written 10 letters to my representation about health care. All reasoned and using my grown up words what have I gotten in return? NOTHING....As of right now I am voting for one Federal office holder in my state, the rest I will vote against no matter what.

Remember these people are there to serve us but in reality they are there to serve their own political interest and increase and maintain their power. Why is it do you think they do not want term limits in Congress? If they are term limited out they cannot become the head of the committees where all the power is. They also are not able to suck at the teat of special interest groups right or left that cater to their every need.

I am sick of politicians on both sides of the aisle that have lost sight of their job and are only worried about themselves. They are not their to act in a manner they think we want but to do the will of the people that elected them.

While I have ranted here are some suggestions:
Congress: Term limits two terms of two years and you are done. Also congress is only paid when in session anything else is on their dime. There will be no inter season travel at the tax payer expense, staff limit of 5 paid for by the government everything else is on their dime.
Elections everyone gets the same amount of money there will be no multi-million dollar war chests. There will be no campaigning while congress is in session. Also each person in congress will be in chambers for every vote. Present and abstain will no longer be options these people have to make a stand.

Supreme Court we need some serious turn over there when did someone get to have a job for life?

Czars: This position will be done away with PERIOD. This is just a position that the President can use to fill non-existent positions with people that do not receive any public scrutiny. I do not recall this position being anywhere in the constitution? Besides did we not get away from Czars at the beginning of the Russian revolution?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

AQ in Yemen

The Jawa report has been reporting on the situation in Yemen for sometime especially the unnoticed crackdown on the Shia minority in the country.
The Sunni backed government has been harboring AQ terrorist for quite sometime. Today there was a gunfight on the Yemeni/Saudi border two suicide bombers killed. Al Qaeda has made the Saudi Kingdom a target for a very long time and has shown no sign of backing off of even after the Saudi crackdown of AQ following the invasion of Iraq.
So even with AQ supposedly hurting for funds, local AQ groups can find their own funding through criminal enterprise or zakat.
The threat of localized AQ inspired attacks maybe be as great or greater than those conducted directly by the group. With the work that jihadi groups do despite affiliation the threat of terrorism is as great as it ever was.