Friday, January 18, 2008

I rag on the French

MERMI has posted basically a how to manual on how the umma can attack Paris in the most dramatic fashion.

A small snippet

"[Regarding the time needed to prepare the bombing:]...The attacks of the mujahideen are usually martyrdom attacks. Though we have seen a few rifle attacks, I prefer an attack that includes an explosion and the taking of hostages in a public facility, like the [attacks] carried out by the Chechen heroes. Such an attack will receive proper media attention and will produce better results - [such as] even the demand to liberate prisoners incarcerated in the jails of the tyrants [in Muslim countries] and in the jails of the Crusaders.

Just so everyone know this chat is hosted by a U.S. company NOC4Hosts Inc. in Florida, USA. I am sure there are websites that us normal people use to talk like this but we would be crucified. See not being in Iraq has not and will not do the French any good I think I am warming to Sarkozy lets see what he can do to break Frances Intifada

read the rest from MERMI

interesting question and answer

With Gen. Petreaus and Amb. Crocker

please go to Mr. Yon's site and take a look and contribute what you can. Maybe even order his book.

Where is NATO in Afghanistan

Now dont get me wrong I am not knocking the bravery of our Dutch, British, or Canadian allies but where is the rest of NATO and the 7500 troops commanders have been asking for? It has again become up to us to supply 3,200+ Marines to help out. It is a good thing the Marines are starting to draw down in Iraq. Over at ThreatsWatch Steve Schippert asks a very good question is it a matter of military skill or political will that prevents our allies from doing more. We have some of our NATO partners that will not allow their troops into combat roles or combat roles that are not aggresive enough. Please read and follow the article that it links to as well it is worth the time.

U.S.M.C reinforcing NATO

Busy Day

I thought my day was busy and quiet frankly it was but these folks have been real busy.

Coalition forces capture criminal 'trainer' in Iraq. I am digging the way they call them criminals now. No sense in giving them any importance at all.

When they come to get you don't shoot you may not like the results.

Operation Raider Harvest part of Phantom Phoenix is transitioning from clearing operations to rebuilding. Clear it, move there, rebuild it train the Iraqis go home. I like this.

Sad News I just got this via centcom. Yes folks it is getting better but we are still at war. I wish the soldiers families the best.

Another great article from the long war journal.
Operation Phantom Phoenix, the current nationwide operation targeting al Qaeda's remaining safe havens, was launched on Jan. 8. Iraqi and US forces have captured or killed 121 al Qaeda fighters, wounded 14, and detained an additional 1023 suspects. Al Qaeda's leadership has been hit hard during the operation, with 92 high values targets either killed or captured.
Where is this in the msm???

Now on to Afghanistan
Marines as embed training teams. money quote "Where else does a lieutenant colonel get to drive and gun? Where else does a first sergeant get to drive and gun?"

Palis v Israel

It appears that Israel is defending itself against constant rocket attacks here is my question why is this this Israels fault they have given the palis everything they have asked for and they are still subjected to constant attack. Now the UN is getting involved because too many terrorists are getting killed. These same terrorist hit a pre-school today which thankfully was empty with a rocket, shot an Ecuadorian farm worker just because. Also during the Israeli v hezzbolah war everyone was all over the Israelis for using cluster bombs did anyone stop to think that the hazz katusha rockets were filled with ballbears for shrapnel? The suicide bombers have rat poison in their bomb belts to make wounds bleed more.

The NYT wants to say all vets are criminals

Well Iowahawk using apparently doing more research than the NYTs did finds out some disturbing trends about the media read it and smile. In case you have not been able to tell most major media I am not a fan of. Because it is agenda driven I have no problem with people who do research get the facts and present them.

A win for the good guys

In case you had not heard a anti-military lawyer in Chicago keyed a Sgt in the Marine Corps car for no other reason than he was in the Marine Corps when approached by the Sgt the lawyer verbally assaulted him. It is a wonder that this Marine didnt stick his fist through this pencil necks chest.

Well today this lawyer had his day in court and the best thing is the judge former Marine!! Blackfive has the updates this Rocks
The update: At 1400 hours the defendant showed up, and was told that he was half an hour late. The Judge stated on the record that the defendant had done the same thing during the previous court date, and he said that the defendant called and said that wanted to wait for the media to leave. The Judge said "That is not the way I run my courtroom." He increased the bail and took him into custody and told him to try and work out a deal with the State. About 25-35 marines and assorted military were there.
The case was recalled at 14:22, and the State said that the defendant had asked for permission to put his belt and such back on. The Judge said, "Treat him like all the other prisoners." The defendant was brought out and the plea deal that they had worked out was entered into the record.
The Judge asked him if he had committed the specific acts he was accused of. The defendant hemmed and hawed, and the Judge raised his voice to make him say yes or no. The defendant agreed, and the Judge read the facts into the record. Several times, the Judge said if there were no deal, he would be given a court date just like any other defendant, and he could try and make bail soon.
The deal: 1 year Social Service Supervision, restitution of 600 dollars to be paid to Social Services and which would go to the Injured Marine Semper Fi fund, to be paid by February 25th, 2008, and $50/month in supervision fees.
The Judge then, in as angry a voice as I have ever heard him use, scolded the defendant, saying that the Marine license plates the complaining witness had were not vanity plates or about ego, but the proceeds go toward the Marine and Navy scholarship fund for the children of fallen soldiers, sailors and marines. These Marines protect his very existence "so people like you can enjoy their freedom." He further said that the reason there were so many in the courtroom and so much public interest is that the Marines have a tradition since 1775 that "No Marine gets left behind." Several Hoorahs in the courtroom.

Thanks for the public outrage on this and thanks for all the updates from Blackfive and their secret agents.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blowing up Bunkers

B-roll of U.S. Air Force bombers dropping munitions on bunkers used by al-Qaida as training sites for new recruits. Scenes include footage taken from aircraft of the bombs exploding on the targets

Something I didnt Know

The Most Vigorous Marine Unit
Marine Corps News January 11, 2008CAMP COURTNEY, OKINAWA, Japan - The Marines and Sailors of "The Fighting Third" finished 2007 as one of the most heavily engaged units in the Marine Corps, with deployments in support of the Global War on Terror, training exercises throughout the Pacific, and rigorous training in Okinawa, Hawaii, and California.
"We are the only permanently forward-deployed division in the Corps and the commitment of our Marines, Sailors and their families to support our mission has been incredible," said Maj. Gen. Robert B. Neller, the commanding general of the 3rd Marine Division.
Neller, who served previously as 1st Marine Division's assistant commander, took charge June 11, replacing Brig. Gen. Joseph V. Medina as the division's commanding general. Neller assumed command of a division whose units were deployed throughout the Western Pacific and the Middle East supporting regional security and combating terrorism.
Like the 1st and 2nd Marine Divisions based in the continental United States, 3rd Marine Division units deploy regularly in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. This year alone, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Battalions of the 3rd Marine Regiment deployed to Iraq's Al Anbar province to combat Al Qaeda and bolster security in the region. Marines and Sailors from 1st Bn., 12th Marines and augments from Okinawa manned Task Force MP, conducting a variety of missions ranging from convoy escorts to vehicle checkpoint operations.
Marines and Sailors from throughout the division also deployed four Military Transition Teams that trained Iraqi soldiers to assume responsibility for their country's security. Additionally, counter-battery radar detachments from 12th Marine Regiment, Truck Company, Headquarters Battalion and numerous individual Marine augments also deployed to Iraq in 2007.
As the lead Marine Corps unit responsible for training Afghan security forces, the division deployed five training teams to the Regional Security Advisory Command, which trains and fights alongside Afghan forces against Al Qaeda and Taliban forces.
The division balanced its commitments of OIF and OEF with operations and exercises that contributed to regional security in the Pacific Rim.
"The division is unique in that our units deploy to the fight and return to Okinawa to support regional Theater Security Cooperation exercises," said Neller. "We are always on the go, even during our OIF/OEF dwell time."
Detachments from 12th Marines deployed to Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines in its continuing mission of support to the Armed Forces of the Philippines fighting terrorism throughout Mindanao.
The division's regional exercises included Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration; Foal Eagle and Ulchi Focus Lens in the Republic of Korea; Cobra Gold in Thailand; Yama Sakura in Japan; as well as Marine Air-Ground Task Force Tactical Warfare Simulations in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.
Here in Okinawa, the 4th Marine Regiment's Regimental Schools prepared Marine Corps units from across the island for the rigors of combat operations by conducting tough, realistic training tailored to the unique geographical and cultural challenges Marines will face when deployed.
As the division's Marines and Sailors deploy to operations and exercises around the world, the Key Volunteer Network remains active in keeping family members informed and prepared.
"It is only with the support of our families that the division can maintain its high operational tempo," said Neller. "And it is because of our families that deployed units from ‘The Fighting Third' will always be successful."

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Uncle Jimbo of Blackfive fame

Asks a damn good question

Who will be the General Petreaus for the Stan

My pick
Lt. General James Amos, commanding general of Marine Corps Combat Development Command and deputy commandant for Combat Development and Integration. Helped write the new COIN manual

Marne Thunderbolt in pictures

Soldiers watch as air strikes destroy weapons caches and improvised explosive devices Jan. 10. The area has seen little coalition presence since 2003

Marne Thiunderbolt a Part of Phantom Phoenix

FORWARD OPERATING BASE KALSU, Iraq – Two weeks into Operation Marne Thunderbolt, al-Qaida in Iraq extremists are on the run. The operation is targeting AQI sanctuaries and weapons stockpiles in southern Arab Jabour.

I like this stuff and all the associated civil affairs going in at the same time. Now we got the Iraqis pressing the flesh as well

What we always knew

Now it seems like more and more people are believing you cannot trust old media except maybe for weather.

So now that we have that out of the way lets move. People we have to read, research, study, discuss and think on our own that is the only way to learn anything. You dont have to have the same conclusion as me but dont give me an answer straight from Blitzer, Olberman, or O'Reily.

Ok off the soap-box now.

Pakistan and remember they have Nukes cont

Hundreds of Islamist militants overran a Pakistani paramilitary fort near the Afghan border Wednesday, sparking fierce fighting that left seven troops with 20 missing and up to 50 rebels dead, the army said.


Pakistan is taking a more welcoming view of U.S. suggestions for using American troops to train and advise its own forces in the fight against anti-government extremists, the commander of U.S. forces in that region said Wednesday.

Hmm makes me wonder if one they know that they have bitten off more than they can chew two how long will it be before we have SOCOM in their hunting as well as training. I can almost promise you that NATO wont help maybe the Brits and Aussies but who else will.

Marines losing Armor in Anbar

H/T Kev
Another sign of improvement.

RAMADI, Iraq - In perhaps the most tangible recognition of the improving security here, top Marine commanders are on the verge of allowing grunts in the field to pare down their body armor, giving on-the-ground commanders new authority to strip certain components from the ever-increasing protective equipment load.

Maybe the grunts deploying to Afghanistan can make these decisions as well because talib in tennis shoes can outrun our guys. The Gurkas in Astan are feared by the talib because they can move in the mountains as fast as they can.

Please read the rest

Monday, January 14, 2008

Marines Leaving Anbar

Who would have thought that 12 months ago the Marines would be leaving a safer Al Anbar province who cannot be proud of their efforts the efforts of Iraqis

CAMP RIPPER, Iraq, Jan. 14, 2008 – After more than 12 months of hard work in Iraq’s Anbar province, the Marines and sailors of Regimental Combat Team 2 are finally heading home.

A telling line

The Iraqi Army brigades have grown 200 percent in the last seven months,” Clardy said. “The Iraqi police have also grown by 40 percent. This growth, and improvements in Iraqi security forces, highlights the commitment by the tribes to their own future alongside coalition forces and the Iraqi government.”
Make no mistake about it, we are still at war,” Clardy said. “Al Qaeda still exists in AO Denver, if only through their minions. These extremists are committed to their illegitimate extremist views and undermining the path to peace. They are still driven to harm Americans and Iraqis alike.”

If the awaking sticks like it appears to be doing this will have to go down as one of the greatest feats of COIN warfare, cultural awakening and a peoples willingness to throw off the yoke of oppressors ever. In a backwards way reminds me of our own revolution.

The Jarheads are headed to Afghanistan

WASHINGTON - Military officials said Monday that about 3,200 Marines are being told to prepare to go to Afghanistan — a move that will boost combat troop levels in time for an expected Taliban offensive this spring.
Once complete, the deployment would increase U.S. forces in Afghanistan to as much as 30,000, the highest level since the 2001 invasion after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
The notices come as explosions rocked Kabul's most popular luxury hotel Monday, killing at least six people, including one American and a journalist from Norway. Officials said the assault on the Serena Hotel by militants may signal a new era of Taliban attacks.
The military began notifying the Marines and their families over the weekend, as Defense Secretary Robert Gates was expected to sign the formal deployment orders. It was not clear Monday whether the orders had been signed yet.
The proposal went to Gates on Friday, and while he told reporters that afternoon that he had some questions about the move, there has been every indication he was poised to approve it.
According to officials, 2,200 members of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, based at Camp Lejeune, N.C., will go to Afghanistan, as well as about 1,000 members of the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, which is based at Twentynine Palms, Calif.
The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the deployment announcement has not yet been made. If approved, the deployment to southern Afghanistan would be a "one-time, seven-month" assignment, Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell said Friday.
The 2nd Battalion, which is from the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, is an infantry unit, and it will be used largely for training Afghan forces.
The decision to increase U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan represents a shift in Pentagon thinking that has been slowly developing in recent months. Commanders faced with increasing violence have said they need as many as 7,500 more troops, but Gates initially pressed for other NATO nations to fill the void.
NATO countries, however, faced public opposition to deeper involvement there and were slow to respond, leaving Gates to acknowledge recently that the U.S. may have to consider providing the extra combat troops.
Currently, there are about 27,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, including 14,000 with the NATO-led coalition. The other 13,000 U.S. troops are training Afghan forces and hunting al-Qaida terrorists.
Afghanistan Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Mohammed Zahir Azimi said last week that the deployment would help combat Taliban insurgents. But Azimi added the long-term solution was to boost the fighting strength of Afghanistan's own army.

Phantom Phoenix producing promising results

Multi-national Corps Iraq soldiers and Iraqi forces have discovered scores of weapons and explosives, detained six suspects, and destroyed booby-trapped homes in Iraq this month in coordinated offensives.

We started with a little shock and awe moved the troops in and have already started the civil affairs piece. The best part is the Iraqis led this.

Dust-off - MEDEVAC Mission Afghanistan

When you are done crying say a pray for these men and women

I have been remiss

If you can please go do this. The Soldiers Angels are a great group if you can go adapt a soldier, sailor, airman, marine, coastie.

Tell ALL you can, to go to and click adopt a soldier.

The NYT is Pissing me off

Here is what the scumbags at they grey lady have decided.

Town by town across the country, headlines have been telling similar stories. Lakewood, Wash.: "Family Blames Iraq After Son Kills Wife." Pierre, S.D.: "Soldier Charged With Murder Testifies About Postwar Stress." Colorado Springs: "Iraq War Vets Suspected in Two Slayings, Crime Ring."
Individually, these are stories of local crimes, gut-wrenching postscripts to the war for the military men, their victims and their communities. Taken together, they paint the patchwork picture of a quiet phenomenon, tracing a cross-country trail of death and heartbreak.
The New York Times found 121 cases in which veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan committed a killing in this country, or were charged with one, after their return from war. In many of those cases, combat trauma and the stress of deployment - along with alcohol abuse, family discord and other attendant problems - appear to have set the stage for a tragedy that was part destruction, part self-destruction...

Here is my response
Dear Sir or Madame,By your numbers we have had 1.7 Million troops deployed to Iraq andAfghanistan you write of 121 murders by my math that is (Embedded imagemoved to file: pic01869.jpg) percent that have committed murder. Wherethese crimes terrible yes do we need to treat our returning soliders betterfor PTSD yes. Please would you include the murder rates for the rest ofthe U.S. population in the same age brackets as our military 18-45 seewhere we compare.Watch out the New Media is upon you watch your readership further decline.Shoddy Journalism at its worst OR is it your elite I hate America drivenagenda...Let the truth set you free and finally admit that in fact you areanti military, anti U.S. and in general scum bags.Regards,Rick Keyes

Please let the NYT know how you feel

At this point I am beyond being nice just dont threaten to bomb them,

Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Pictures CJTF-82

I have a friend with a son in the 82nd just got back from Afghanistan. He earned his CIB and sad to say a Purple Heart. Also ANA carried out operations to give people in remote regions supplies for the winter.

Cool Afghan Pics

I would not mess with these fellas

Sniper School

The Long War Journal

Another case of good ridance to bad rubbish. Saifur Rahman Mansour was killed by the Pakistan military. As always the folks at LWJ have a great back story as well. The Pak gov't made deals with the devil and now they are having to pay for them. I personally do not see things going well for that country. If things don't go well there it will make it harder on Afghanistan. Those people need a break to re-build and get their lives back. I feel for them I really do.

The squirrels are slow today

It seems that my internet provider is moving awfully slow today.
1. Let me see raining? No
2. Wind Blowing hard? No
3. Sun Spots? No

I guess they did not feed the squirrels today then.

With my Steelers done

It was with a heavy heart I watched football this weekend but watch it I did. How about Brady and Farve?? Then to watch the Bolts lock down the Colts but Manning is still great and will be for a long time. I have not care as I root for anyone that plays the Giants and Cowboys. So I hope who ever pulled that one out gets smoked next weekend. I think that the Chargers are going to have to be all over Brady to rattle him. Any thoughts?

The best thing is my queen is the one who came in and said lets watch football!! You gotta love that.

Letting Baathist Back in & Marines to Afghanistan

The Iraqi parlament has passed one of the laws that will lead to more reconciliation. Now when they pass the oil law Iraq will be well on their way to national reconciliation. Victory parade in NY the whole bit.

I do hope SecDef Gates lets the Marine Corps deploy to Afghanistan and blunt the dreaded springtime offensive that usually ends up with allot of talib dead anyway. First re-deploy the USMCSOC and turn them loose training and doing snake-eater stuff. This will expand SOCOM presence without straining Army SOF any farther. Then send in the combined arms team and see if we can preempt the spring attacks even further.