Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Haqqani problem

Two news stories three years apart about the ISI connection to the Haqqani network. As I have stated and others who get paid to do this have the Haqqanis are the most dangerous force fighting against NATO and Afghan forces. This group has enjoyed the sponsor ship and protection of the Pakistan government since the Soviet invasion. Here is a Bloomberg story from 2008. Today the story it was released that the US has hard evidence that the Haqqani network as an extension of the Pakistani military launched the FAILED attacks again the US embassy last week. It is also a known fact that the ISI was behind the 2008 bombing of the Indian Embassy in Kabul. Pakistan has declared war on the United States and is continuing its long running struggle with India. As I have said Pakistan is the enabler always has been and will be until dealt with. So far the US has done nothing but whine about Pakistan killing our troops. We have the same issue with Iran killing our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is no wonder the world thinks we are week they can attack us with impunity and the US will sit back and complain loudly with out taking a stand.