Saturday, June 6, 2009

For those that missed it the Jihad came to Arkansas

This is the young soldiers father after the shooting. Scroll down for the vid. Thanks to Blackfive

Ground eye view in the Hindu Kush

This is what a milblog is supposed to be about. For those of you that do not know anything about the Hundu Kush read and learn. It is said it is the destroyer of Empires and guess what folks that is what we are. If you do not believe it go out and read Imperial Grunts it will open your eyes.

Get to learn something new

Morocco's Comprehensive Counterterrorism Approach [J. Peter Pham]
Today my weekly “Strategic Interests” column for the World Defense Review—the publication of which coincides with President Barack Obama’s trip to the Middle East—examines the comprehensive counterterrorism strategy of an ally that is regrettably not on the presidential itinerary, Morocco. (Although not the point of my essay, I do suggest several reasons why the Sharifian Kingdom would have been a more appropriate venue, historically and politically, for the long-anticipated presidential address to the Muslim world than Egypt.)Looking at the approach that the Moroccan government adopted in the six years since the simultaneous suicide bombings in Casablanca on May 16, 2003, the article notes that, in addition to traditional military and security measures, Morocco has also strengthened its legal framework to fight terrorists, worked to influence religious discourse along a moderate path (including the introduction of women as religious guides), ameliorated the socio-economic factors that extremists might exploit, and beefed up regional and international security cooperation, including with the United States. In the end, I conclude:
While Morocco’s fight against extremist ideology and terrorist violence will likely be an ongoing struggle requiring constant vigilance, the country’s efforts to date have helped reduce the overall threat, both for itself as well as for other countries. This is no mean accomplishment, enhance as it does security for Europe, where large Maghrebi diaspora communities are to be found, and West Africa, where Morocco has not inconsiderable political, economic, and cultural influence. Thus Morocco’s friends, including the United States, have every reason not only to celebrate its success, but also to support it, all the while learning whatever lessons they might draw from a truly comprehensive approach.

Think Iran is only wanting peaceful nuclear energy

I doubt it and remember the NORKS are the primary allies with the Iranian and the NORKS are developing plutonium weapons as well.

Interesting isn't it. Makes one think that all might not be as up and up as the Iranian would like us to think and now with POTUS apolgizing for something we did not do we are looking even more weak to Middle Eastern eyes. Especially with us turning out backs on our only true ally in the region bad things are bound to happen.

Interesting turn of events

Someone who has spoken out against the religion of peace is winning broad acclaim in the Netherlands. Oh how the European liberals are screaming.

Phillipines is heating up

The Phillipine military is making progress against the Moro. Michael Yon reports on softer but still as deadly counter-insurgency in Jolo and island in the Phillipines. By combining kinetic operations and winning the support of locals the Muslim insurgents are being pushed back into more remote areas of the Phillipines.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A COIN strategy from Pakistan?

The main question is will they follow thru with it. What happens when you keep terrorists on the pay roll is they come back to bite you.

LAHORE: President Asif Ali Zardari has said the government will eliminate terrorists with the support of the people, a private TV channel reported on Saturday. Chairing a meeting of civil bureaucrats in Islamabad, President Zardari said the government would convert the challenge facing the country into an opportunity with efficient delivery of services for the benefit of the people.The president urged the parliamentarians to play their role in the rehabilitation of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) of Swat. He said displacement of more than 3 million people was a serious challenge, which could only be tackled with active and generous support and assistance of the international community. Separately, talking to a delegation led by Pakistani Americans Congress Chairman Dr Ashraf Abbasi and Dr Nisar Chaudhry, Zardari urged the Pakistani American Congress to mobilise the Pakistani community, as well as the United States lawmakers and administration to generously support and assist the displaced population. daily times monitor/ staff report

Baitullah Mehsud needs an appointment with a MQ-1predator

TTP chief Baitullah Mehsud has ordered his followers to carry out bombings in small villages of Swat and FATA and establish hideouts in other areas of the country, a private TV channel reported on Saturday. In letters to various Taliban commanders in Lower Dir, Swat and Buner, Mehsud said the bombings in the villages would help conduct suicide missions in cities later. He said the army had reached every nook and corner of Swat, therefore, the Taliban must find new hideouts. daily times monitor