Saturday, December 29, 2007

A rant about procurement

I know the raptor is VERY expensive but why spend $500 million to terminate the project and shut the lines down when the plane is proven and in production. Read the rest.

While on the topic is everyone aware that we have at least four different versions of the M16 in service currently. The M16A2, M16A3, M4, M4A1 now SOCOM has adopted the SCAR-L and SCAR-H. Plus the addition of the SASS Knight SR-25 also know as the XM110. Stop the freaking bus here. The Army is going to issue the M4 to frontline units the Marine Corps is issuing the M4 on an as need basis but is sticking with the A3 model with an ACOG scope. Ok I understand the need for a modular weapon and in fact encourage that but we need one weapons system here. The Pentagon brass are not going to change weapons unless a weapon is clearly superior to the M16/M4 series. Now SOCOM goes out and does their testing and signs a contract for the SCAR series. Who is going to support this in the field if the regular forces are using a different weapons system?
The military was on the verge of putting the XM-8 into production. Then this happened....
Following several complains about non-competitive procurement of the XM8 system from Heckler-Koch USA, US Army first opened the bidding for contract to other companies, and then, in the July 2005, suddenly suspended the entire OICW Increment 1 program to re-think the entire set of requirements for the possible replacement of current M16 rifles and M4 carbines. These requirements will be re-viewed as Joint Services effort. At the present time, it seems that development of HK XM8 is suspended; it may be resumed if XM8 suit the new US Joint Service Requirements for a new assault rifle system; or, it may not. We will watch this process closely and update this article when new information will be available. Owe and this cost us 31 million dollars!

What the hell. Our troops need the best weapons available period if there are issues with M4/M16 which there are in the current theaters of operations then get us a new rifle.

Oh and another point FN makes 70 percent of our militaries current weapons. SAW, M240, Mk 48 Mod 0. and parts for the M16/M4 and if the SCAR goes through those as well. It looks as if US companies cannot produce small arms anymore.

Old but good news

I like it how they are now calling them criminals. I think this further marginalizes the rouge groups. They even threw some props to mookie. I still wish the Marines had capped his behind when we had the chance.


If we could get more leading voices in the moslem world to think and act like this man we would be in good shape. It is men like this who are making a difference in Iraq. Very brave of him to do to confront Iran directly and his live and let live attitude is refreshing.


People say we are ugly Americans trying to dominate the world read this.

Monday, December 24, 2007

NORAD has spotted Santa

He is in Africa looks like he is about done with Asia and Africa. Click here to track him.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

From CJTF-82

Osama shut up and and bail what a great article. It seems the taliban have their own version of Bagdad Bob.

Another hole appeared in the Al Qaeda/ Taliban boat. The water is up around Osama’s knees, Zawahiri launched a new Q and A website (, the Taliban voted in a “new” leader, relegated Omar to deputy and still the water is rising. Read the rest

I love my children

I guess these people don't. Thanks to Jihad Watch for posting this
Iran educates children to seek martydom.

You know I teach my kids how to play catch, fish, whatever these monsters teach their children to strap explosives to their back to kill the infidel. This is the money quote "Victory is not guaranteed, according to the books. It's either victory or collective martyrdom," said Dr. Arnon Groiss." Isnt this what Hitler wanted when he ordered götterdämmerung at the end of WW2.

I want our children to grow up and I want their children to grow up and the most aggresive thing we do to each other is on the playing field not the battlefield. Instead I am afraid my brother, friends and kids may have to fight them. What a waste.....