Friday, February 15, 2008

Great Martyr He was huh

I thought Israel killed him ?? Looks like the Palis got him instead does this mean Hamas is going to go to war with Hizbullah hmm wouldn't that be neat. No virgins for him
From the Jerusalem Post
Syrian security forces have arrested several Palestinians suspects in connection with the assassination of Hizbullah commander Imad Mughniyeh, a Lebanese security source told
The source added that Hizbullah had appointed a successor to Mughniyeh within hours of his death in a car bomb blast in the Syrian capital.
Earlier Friday, Iran's state news agency reported that Syria and Iran agreed to conduct a joint investigation into the assassination of Mughniyeh,
An Iranian television station aired what it said was mobile phone video footage of the car bomb blast that killed Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh in the Syrian capital, Damascus.
Syria: Assassination ruined hopes of peace
The grainy, dark images appeared to have been taken moments after the blast Tuesday night. They show a vehicle engulfed in flames on a street at night time and several people, apparently bystanders, are seen running by. It cannot be seen whether anyone is in the vehicle in the images, taken from a distance and lasting a few seconds.
The video was shown on Iran's state-run Arabic channel, Al-Alam. The station did not say how it obtained the footage.

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki speaks at the funeral of Hizbullah arch-terrorist Imad Mughniyeh.Photo: Channel 10
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki met in Damascus on Friday with Syrian Vice President Farouk al-Sharaa to discuss the assassination. Iran and Hizbullah have accused Israel of killing Mughniyeh, and Hezbollah's leader Hassan Nasrallah vowed in a eulogy to the slain militant on Thursday that his Shiite guerrilla group would retaliate against Israeli interests anywhere in the world.
In Teheran, Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Reza Sheik Attar said that during Mottaki's visit to Damascus, which began Thursday, Iran and Syria had agreed to form a joint investigation team to "look into the root causes and dimensions of the assassination to identify the perpetrators of this dirty crime," the state IRNA news agency

Big cache found

Soldiers report largest cache finds since beginning of year


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BAGHDAD (Feb. 13, 2008) - Soldiers from 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division found 3,000 pounds of munitions Feb. 6, collectively the largest find since the start of Operation Marne Thunderbolt Jan. 1.
Both the 5th Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment and 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment are conducting ongoing operations in southern Arab Jabour in support of Marne Thunderbolt.
Company C, 1-30th Inf. Regt. discovered 12 55-gallon barrels of homemade explosives. Company B, 1-30th Inf. Regt. found a pressure-plate improvised explosive device consisting of three 122 mm rounds and one mine of unknown origin. Another find yielded a cache of two mines, one57 mm projectile, one jar of HME, one artillery shell filled with HME and one 155 mm artillery round.
"We try to find out how long the munitions have been there," said Maj. James Wilburn, from Las Cruces, N.M., chief of daytime operations, 2nd BCT, 3rd Inf. Div. "It may indicate whether there was a cell operating there recently, or if the weapons were abandoned long ago. It gives a sense of what our troops may be up against."
Soldiers from Company A, 5-7th Cav. Regt. discovered an anti-aircraft gun, completely operational, with an extra barrel.
Company B, 5-7th Cav. Regt. Soldiers found 45 cans of DSHKA rounds, one DSHKA barrel, 20 rockets, two 120 mm rounds, 90 rocket-propelled grenade rounds, 20 RPG fuses, 130 charges and four hand grenades. In a smaller find the same day, they located a cache of three 120 mm rockets

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finally a Little Pay Back

Imad Mugniyah, the leader of Hezbollah’s military wing and a senior officer in Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, was killed in yesterday’s car bombing in Damascus, Syria. Mugniyah was behind multiple terror attacks against US, Israel, and other nations, and most famously the 1983 Beirut suicide attacks which killed 241 US Marines and 58 French paratroopers. Hezbollah has confirmed Mugniyah’s death.
Now of course hezbollah is threatening all kinds of mayhem lets see.



One of the reasons I joined the Marine Corps was I wanted to avenge this attack. I never got the chance to and I am glad someone did.
May this scumbag rest in pieces.


vid of protestors blocking entrance to a public building and police neutrality
Sen. Demint is still fighting this.The city council of Berkeley did not give an inch of ground continue to hammer them at will.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Honking Ambulance

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Doctors and medics here received a new tool today to aid in the treatment of wounded servicemembers on the battlefield. The tool, which is a little too big to carry in a medic’s aid bag, comes equipped with armor and a crew-served weapon. In the parking lot of the Combined Joint Task Force-82 Joint Operations Center here, the newest configuration of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle, the MRAP Ambulance, was shown to the CJTF-82 staff Feb. 10. “What the [MRAP Ambulance] brings is survivability,” said Army Lt. Col. Coll Haddon, the joint program manager (forward) for the MRAP. According to Hadden, the vehicles are equipped with life-saving equipment not usually found in ambulances on the battlefield such as oxygen, suction capabilities and vitals monitors. “You’re getting the medical capabilities to the Soldier as opposed to getting the Soldier to the medical capabilities,” Hadden said. With the added capabilities, Hadden said the “golden hour” doctors have for treating a patient is not lost to transporting the wounded servicemember as the capabilities are brought to the patient.Just as important as the new medical equipment on board is the armor the vehicle is wrapped in. Able to withstand large-calibre projectiles as well as being mine resistant, the MRAP Ambulance provides a safe haven for medical personnel to transport and treat as many as six patients.“It offers increased protection and allows medics to … treat casualties in a safe location,” said Army Sgt. 1st Class Patrick L. Melvin, a CJTF-82 medic. The mine-resistance also adds an advantage, Melvin said. With the improvised explosive device-threat, the ambulances CJTF-82 currently uses could not be taken on to the battlefield due to a lack of armor, he added. Now, with the MRAP’s v-shaped hull and armor, it can be used in ground evacuations when air assets are not available. Following a medical training and operator’s training, the new MRAPs will be fielded by servicemembers in the rugged terrain of Afghanistan.

Operation Iron Jarvest

I like maps always been fond of them: Isn't Powerpoint great (bleh)
A surge in military operations and a shift in local support in northern Iraq has driven many al Qaeda fighters out of cities that once provided them safe haven and into the desert, or even out of the country, a commander in the region said Monday.

In the spirit of free speech the dreaded photographs of MO

And you know what f-em if they cannot take a joke.


Well nothing changed. I just heard back from one of the city council members the only who has consistantly opposed the city council on this issue.

' Last night at the Council meeting we heard from a couple of hundred people on the Marine Recruiting Center issue. Both sides spoke elegantly and passionately for their viewpoints. At the end of the public comment, the Council failed to approved a motion (4 Yes, 5 abstentions) to apologize to the marines. A motion not to send a letter to the Marine Commandant and to restate the Council opposition to the war and support for the troops passed by a vote of 7 to 2. '

So folks nothing changed it all remains the same. continue to hammer them.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It is 1900 on the west coast and the Berkeley City council is just starting to meet. Remember keep the pressure on them.

Cool Marine Helicopter

Monday, February 11, 2008