Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remington 742

I am now the proud owner of a slagged Remington 742 when I get the chance I am going to get the armorers course and the correct tool and learn the ins and outs of this beast.  It is a pretty popular hunting rifle in my neck of the woods and I might find it adventagous to know these things backward and forward.  No better way than having a rifle I can practice on. 

.410 Handguns /

I am thinking about getting a .410 for the house and these pistols intrigue me Taurus of course came out with the first real popular .410/45 revolver with the Judge.  Smith and Wesson has come out with the Governor and it comes with handy full moon and half moon clips so you can reload .45ACP ammo in a hurry.

I have posted before that I am thinking about getting a .410 shotgun for the house and my new shooters.  However some of the new ammo with the defense disks combined with buckshot require rifling which most .410 bores that I am looking at do not have.  As I was contemplating a Saiga because of the detachable magazines.