Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lone Wolves, single attackers, and sponsored attackers

During the course of the last four months got two very different opinions on these matters. It is my view that our government including the FBI has been reluctant to classify lone wolf attackers such as the Ft. Hood shooter and the Arkansas recruitment center attacker as terrorists. Also our counter-terror experts are saying that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism....Well I had a professor who works for the FBI say that he thinks his department does a good job of identifying terrorism as such even though it might come later than people would like. Secondly another professor agrees that current Islamic terrorism is all about the jihad. This professor is just as frustrated as I am about our government since the 19802 has not recognized the driving force is in fact jihad.

That being said how do we stop the recruitment of young Muslim men and women to the jihad. It is not a military mission even though eventually they will have to be fought. Since we can agree it is a religious issue the next question would be why will Islam not renounce terrorism in its name? Could it be as Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer and many other continue to say and that is that Islam is fueled and expanded by jihad.

Fuel for thought.