Saturday, November 17, 2007

Here is a disturbing Milestone

You dont hear CAIR talking about this. Turns 10,000!
What a difference six years makes!
In the mind-numbing aftermath of 9/11, who would have guessed that within just a few years American politicians would be campaigning on promises to ensure the comfort of incarcerated terrorists... that Hollywood writers would be generating reams of scripts replete with noble Muslim characters persecuted by fictitious American bigots... that footbaths would be making their way into airports and public universities... or that Muslim travelers would be chasing lawsuit dollars by scaring the hell out of fellow airline passengers with deliberately provocative behavior.Welcome to this brave, new world, where even Osama bin Laden must be shaking his head over the spasm of Western butt-kissing that follows high-profile Islamic terror. Each new attack in the name of Allah seems to bring a fresh round of public groveling to the religion that inspires it - even if we can count on one hand the number of Muslims courageously calling the Islamic world to accountability for the violence.Yet, for all of the reward that Islam has reaped from 9/11, it is still losing the public relations battle. Favorable opinion of Islam has declined steadily in the last several years, as ordinary people have noticed the persistence of Muslim terror and (more importantly) the indifference and arrogance of the broader Islamic community.For all of the stale, half-hearted pronouncements that Islam "has nothing to do" with the killing (usually made by individuals or organizations which don't otherwise seem all that concerned), the ugly truth is that it is the "radicals" who have Islam's history and holiest texts on their side. Thus the terror continues - now having reached 10,000 attacks since 9/11, as documented here.If there is any role that this site has played in stirring awareness of the reality of Islam, then we must defer credit to our many supporters who have promoted us over the years, and to whom we are extremely grateful.Our own coalition of uppity infidels includes conservatives, liberals, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Atheists, homosexuals and even a few disaffected Muslims. As such, we rarely please everyone all of the time... but we do try our best to be a non-partisan venue that does not promote any particular religious or political viewpoint.We also hope that visitors to our site understand that despite our obvious problem with Islam, we take a very strong, pronounced position against harming, harassing, pre-judging or stereotyping anyone on the basis of religion. Muslims are individuals. Individuals should be judged only by their words and deeds, not their group identity.Our upcoming goal is to make TROP into one of the Web's best resources for those seeking to understand Islam and its incompatibility with Western liberal values. Particular attention will be placed on exposing the myths, double standards, games, and outright lies on which Muslim apologists often rely to fool the gullible into thinking that theirs is just another religion.We don't care about hurt feelings. We care only about truth. Over the next twelve months, we hope to triple our content on Islam and better integrate our entire offering, making it much easier to find pertinent information and follow particular threads.

OK now on to Corps News

Where the hell is the apology from the only ex Marine in history John never saw a graft I could not take Murth. I wonder if he has visited, called on or anything else to these young men. In a word No!! What a coward and a crook. Anyway we have not heard much from him lately which is a good thing. Most of the Marines have been exonerated which is outstanding but there is still more going on I guess we will continue to wait and wait for apologies retractions etc...

Both my senators are Dems

They have also been contacted in a very nice way with a link to progress articles on Iraq. Maybe they are smart enough to use new media but I dont know.

My Princes and Princesses

They are all hanging out with me today. The princesses are having a day outside and have left us men to football and the computer. More on our congress critter as I get my act together on this yesterday was nasty at work and am just now catching up.

Rant Time

If you have not checked out Michael Yon's latest post you need to. Now you congress has decided to not fund our troops just us the coalition and its allies are making progress. We need to tell every congress critter and then show them the power of the new media. I know I have no readers but if you happen across this please take heed and pass along.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Surge and our Loser Demos

Well just as we are winning Pelosi and company pass a bill with a timetable what type of message does this send? We are already pulling out will have at least three thousand troops home by Christmas.
I love the was pols on both sides of the aisle play politics with our troops lives and our safety. It is no wonder that the muj consider us weak. I would as well.


What ever happened to that anyway. Does anyone remember when congress was less popular than the president? I dont recall it anyway.

Hello out There

Well this will be a surprise to anyone looking up the word Jihad. I am just an 3/4 redneck having inner struggle. The purpose of this post is too vent a little, share thoughts about current events and the military. I have read milblogs so much I decided to start my own little blog myself.
Disclaimer before I get called a chickenhawk let me explain this to everyone I was in the Marine Corps until I died one day. My father is a veteran of Vietnam and Desert Storm, all three of my Uncles served in the Marine Corps one being seriously wounded, my grandfather was also a retired Marine. I currently have a brother who is in flight school for the Airforce. So I have had and do have skin in the game so back off.