Saturday, March 1, 2008

More good news

Wow all kinds of news on dead terrs today

Mosul Emir for AQI

This has made my whole day we got us a pretty good haul of fish this week.

BAGHDAD, Iraq – The terrorists killed during an operation Wednesday in Mosul have been positively identified as Jar Allah, also known as Abu Yasir al-Saudi, and Hamdan.
Abu Yasir al-Saudi was the Southeast Mosul Emir for al-Qaeda in Iraq and led a foreign terrorist facilitation network in the city. He conducted numerous attacks against Iraqi and Coalition forces, including the improvised explosive device attack Jan. 28 that killed five Coalition soldiers. Within the Mosul AQI network, Abu Yasir al-Saudi worked for an alleged AQI military leader detained by Coalition forces Feb. 18, who had reportedly moved north from his role in the Bayji network to help rebuild leadership in Mosul.
After spending time fighting in Afghanistan, Abu Yasir al-Saudi arrived in Mosul in August 2007, assuming a position as an AQI cell leader in the southeast region of the city. He had arrived with a group of foreign terrorists. He was then appointed as a key operational leader responsible for orchestrating, as well as participating in, attacks conducted by his AQI foreign terrorist network throughout the city. Operating from east Mosul, Abu Yasir al-Saudi was also believed to be responsible for attempted attacks against security checkpoints, including reports of a 5,000-lb vehicle-based improvised explosive device that, if detonated, would have resulted in the death of hundreds of Iraqi civilians.
Abu Yasir al-Saudi, a Saudi Arabian national, was a close associate of numerous terrorist leaders, to include the AQI senior leader for the northern Iraq networks and the overall AQI senior leader, Abu Ayyub al-Masri.
“Abu Yasir al-Saudi’s death is a significant setback to al-Qaeda in Iraq’s efforts in Mosul,” said Navy Capt. Vic Beck, MNF-I spokesman. “Iraqi and Coalition force operations are degrading the AQI networks in Mosul where we have captured or killed 142 al-Qaeda terrorists since January.”
During the operation, intelligence reports led Coalition forces to an area where the wanted terrorists were believed to be operating. Coalition forces confirmed their location and directed a precision helicopter strike, killing the two terrorists and destroying their vehicle. Once the area was secure, the ground force confirmed that Abu Yasir al-Saudi and another wanted terrorist, Hamdan, were killed during the strike.
Hamdan, also a Saudi Arabian national, was a close associate of al-Saudi and part of his network of foreign terrorists in Mosul. Hamdan was involved in coordinating the movement of foreign terrorists into Mosul, and led a regional anti-aircraft ring.
“Jar Allah and Hamdan were barbaric terrorists who will never again threaten innocent Iraqi civilians with their indiscriminate violence,” said Beck. “Iraqi and Coalition forces will continue operations to hunt down al-Qaeda leaders and operatives, disrupting their operations and improving security across Iraq.”

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