Sunday, November 21, 2010


Maybe the Mongols had it right in their treatment of the Middle East and Southwest Asia...

Defeating Islamic Terrorism

The UK's new CINC of the Army has stated you cannot defeat Islamic militancy. In this he is correct even if he used the wrong name which is terrorism. A point that I wish people would get right. There is no way to defeat an idea this one being that these terrorist believe that Islam must rule the world as Allah commanded. There are ways however to mitigate this ideas effects. Firstly pound the active cells to dirt if possible by killing, capturing, or turning them. Second Western media and liberals must stop acting to mitigate counter-terrorism activities and stop their support or protection of groups and or individuals that support Islamic supremecy. Political correctness run amok and the hatred of all the good things that the West represents is a huge problem for the left and media little do they realize that if the Muslims get their way all their free speach will come to an end and the Gay pride parades in San Fransisco will turn into hangings. Lastly a concerted campaign of counter propaganda on all fronts must take place which includes pressuring groups like Google to take down all jihadist propaganda from their websites and using cyberwarfare to go after other websites.

This is a very simplistic way to state some very complex issues but you get the picture.