Friday, September 17, 2010

Drone Strikes in N. Waziristan

The Long War Journal has as always a great piece about the what seems like daily strikes in the region this month. I would like to take it a step further and say that it is a concentrated effort to go after the Haqqani network. The HIG is active on both sides of the border but is considered part of the "good" Taliban because the do not launch attacks in Pakistan. There is evidence of a concerted effort in Pakistan to go after the HIG that is being supported by strikes in the Haqqani strong hold. The special ops, conventional arms, and drone strikes are not just going after high value targets but I think are trying to make it uncomfortable for any member if the HIG and any group working with them. It is more than just going after high level leaders but an effort to degrade them overall working to cut the head off of the snake while also chopping up the body.

What are the basics? India is the enemy. Afghanistan is your playground. And the American superpower must be milked, bilked, just the right amount, ta

A great editorial piece over at Dawn. This has been Pakistan's strategy since the War on Terror began, I had begun to hope their were taking a turn for the better but it appears not. From the Pakistani Daily Times Richard Holbrook who at times cannot even get a meeting with members of the Pakistan and Afghan government is trying to get Pakistan to continue to combat the "bad" Taliban. Here is the thing Mr. Ambassador there is no way that the Pak Army is going into N. Waziristan the last time they did they got their butts kicked.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


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North Waziristan

U.S. forces have launched 6 drone attacks this week alone including two more last night. Targeting "foreign fighters" and Punjabi Taliban. I hope the Haqqinis are getting the message.

Waiting for after prayers Friday to see what happens.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This week to date

We have launched 4 drone attacks into the FATA of Pakistan killing 23 Taliban and "foreign fighters" including the first cousin of Siraj Haqqini. So far there has not been any retalitory strikes inside of Pakistan. It maybe due to the flooding and the TeT having trouble getting around. More than likely there will be attacks at the end of the week probably Friday after morning Prayers.