Sunday, March 7, 2010

Maybe Just Maybe they are trying to help

Dawn News reported that an American born al-Qaeda commander was captured Sunday. Let me emphasize that this guy was born in the U.S. just in case anyone misses the point. The United States is not protected by its oceans in this war. Also California born Adam Gadan and convert to Islam and long time mouth piece if AQ released a new video today praising the Major Nidal the Fort Hood killer. Al-Qaeda central is a shell of itself however it is supporting the leaderless jihad in ways such as this. AQ is happy as long as there is Islamic resistance it does not have to be flying planes into buildings it can be any type of attack that shows that Muslims are still fighting the Great Satan.

On happier news it looks like the Taliban and their foreign allies are having a little dust up of their own. This type of think makes me giggle. Thanks to the Long War Journal for this piece. A Fox news report puts the number of killed at over 50 this morning. Remember the Hekmatyar has been fighting since the Soviet invasion in 1979. His group ranks right up there with the TTP in launching attacks against NATO and Afghan forces.