Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Diggers

You know being hooked up to the Australian MOD news feed is very very cool

If this is the construction workers....

The Chief of the Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, said the sporadic Taliban probing occurred over several days, culminating in an RPG attack onto the construction site. “The immediate and aggressive response by RTF soldiers caused the enemy to break off their attack and abandon their weapons in hastily prepared caches. These were recovered through aggressive follow-up patrolling, which was sustained for a number of days.“Importantly, the effectiveness of RTF force protection measures caused the Taliban to launch their attacks from the extreme range of their weapons systems in low-light conditions, which degraded their ability to target Australian troops.“Our troops in Oruzgan Province are performing magnificently in difficult and demanding operational conditions. They continue to demonstrate great perseverance, resilience and composure in undertaking this important work. I continue to be impressed by their quality and spirit.“During my visit to Afghanistan with the Prime Minister and Defence Minister just prior to Christmas, I was able to pass on my thanks and for the outstanding work they are doing to help the people of Afghanistan.“Australians can be justifiably proud of the professionalism of Australian troops and their ability to respond quickly and aggressively when attacked. The response by RTF soldiers to repeated Taliban aggression is a testament to the quality of their skills, training, leadership and equipment,” Air Chief Marshal Houston said.

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