Friday, February 17, 2012

Typical Behavior

Evidence has come to light the Iranian bombers who attempted to attack the Israeli diplomats in Bangkok where having a rocking good time beforehand.  This is not uncommon behavior for so called martyrs before they carry out their attacks.  The 911 bombers where know to hang out at strip clubs, drink, and carry on before dying for their so called prophet.  They also do this for operational cover to fit in with the locals.

They can get away with behavior they could not normally because their act will according to Mo send them straight to the arms of Allah.  However these guys got a huge fail as their explosives went off before they could use them.  You would have thought the Iranian Revolutionary Guard would send some more competent guys but whenever you have to deal with homemade explosives you have this issue.  Keeping the Iranian embassy out of the loop was also decent op sec to give plausible deny ability after the attack.  Instead now the Iranians have live bombers that I am sure the Thais who have their own Muslim problem will not be real kind to.

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