Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sadly we are being proven right

Anyone who was paying attention during the Arab spring knew exactly what was going to happen when the secularist/dictators fell. Whole segments of the population are now in danger. Coptic Christians, women, and any liberals are being persecuted and killed. Bassar Assad who maybe the worst of the lot and who really has to go has some unlikely semi-allies...Christians because they fear massacre and persecution like they see happening to the Copts in Egypt. The same situation is happening in Iraq however since it does not fit the mantra of Western press it is not being reported. Also the liberal media groups like Kos and Huf-po do not report on it because they are blind to facts on the ground. Now the Egyptian government has arrested 19 US citizens including the son of an US diplomat for charges of incitement. These people are a democracy advocate group. Every country that has gone through the Arab spring revolts has brought in governments that are Pro-Sharia law and that have started rolling back freedoms for women and , Christians, Jews, the press, and democracy. We maybe looking at Saudi and Iranian style governments from the borders of Europe to India in just a few short years.

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