Monday, February 13, 2012

Two generations of Marines

Lieutenant Colonel Stanley J. Wawrzyniak, USMC name has been submitted to have the Navy name a ship after it. According to the good guys over at Black Five Lt Col Ski is only the second Marine to be named to the Ranger hall of fame.

Next week have Sgt Phillip McCulloch who received the Silver Star while aboard MCRD San Diego where I did my boot camp about a zillion years ago it seems like.  He was in 3/5 when they were taking and also dishing out the highest number of casualites in Afghanistan 25 KIA 200 WIA in seven months.  After this particular battle the area was littered with abandonded Taliban motorcycles and their riders. 
Sgt McCulloch is now a Jr Drill instructor at MCRDSD I hope those recruits know how good of a teacher he is and that he is not bending them out of anger but because he knows what it takes to stay alive and succeed on the battlefield.

Ooorah Marines.

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