Friday, May 1, 2009

What is everyone shooting these days

I gotta get back on the range I got my pistol fixed and have not shot it yet. I have been down and out since February and the weather is just now getting decent. I hope to be up on my feet shortly and go shooting.

The wife and I are going to be taking a concealed carry course and we need to get appropriate pistols as my pistol is no good for concealed carry. Last time I checked you cannot hide a 5"barrel .45 single action revolver in your pants.

I am thinking of getting us a couple of 2" or 3" .357 revolvers keep it simple and stupid. I still have it in my head to get a .45 acp pistol but just have not made the jump. Oh well back to pondering.

On the rifle front I still want a AR-15 type of rifle but will have to have a 20" barrel which I know are not in vouge. The reason being is that the 5.56/.223 round needs to have a 20" barrel to reach maximum velocity. This is the reason the Marine Corps still has full sized M16a3s. I am pondering a 6.8 spc rifle as I could hunt with it as well but I do not know if the ammo cost would be worth it. If I did this I could get rid of my deer rifle as I do not see myself hunting elk or anything anytime soon. I have more faith in 100-110 grain 6.8 than I do in a 55-70 grain 5.56 round call me crazy.

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