Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pakistan falling?

Despite Pakistan's "offensive" in the Dir Provience I do not forsee a drastic change in Taliban/al-Qaeda offensive into Pakistan proper out of the Tribal areas. From what I see the Pakistan military is engaging in full on kinetic operations against thie Taliban which while a necessity to give the population a bubble of protection this must also be tempered with a sound counter-insurgency strategy.

What I find funny/tragic is that in the same sentence the Pakistan government says they can take care of the taliben themselves and the next words out of their mouth is give us more high tech military equipment. This equipment is then deployed against India.

I understand the strategic position Pakistan thinks they are in with regards to India. What I do not understand is how they cannot see that the Taliban is Pakistan's greatest threat. If the worst was to happen and the Taliban seem close to taking Pakistan's nuclear weapons I can see India or maybe even the United States striking the nuclear storage facilities as neither India or the United States will tolerate Taliban or al-Qaeda control of nuclear weapons.

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