Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Moral divide

There is a moral divide when the stakes start to get high that people are more and more likely they will do things that would normally not do. Take for instance the current flap about the aggresive interrogation that occured after 9/11 that are currently be decried as illegal, unconstitutional etc...Well as I recall on we as a nation were waiting for the next set of attacks so when we get our hands on some of the people responsible for planning 9/11 we raised the stakes on them. People seem to forget we are fighting an enemy that does not take prisoners and who regards all citizens of the United States as enemy combatants and targets. In breaking Khalid Sheik Mohammed we thwarted at least one more major attack on the United States. How did we break him you might ask we waterboarded him because being nice did not work. For those that think water boarding is torture we did cross the moral divide. Here is a question was water boarding 10 people or so worth another three thousand lives? I think so. Do I want to be water boarded NO because I will break I know I will that is what it is designed for.

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