Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Marines add stuff to the PT test

OK I took this test several times I thought was tough now they are adding to it.
Current test
The PFT has three events, pull-ups (Flexed-Arm Hang for females), abdominal crunches, and a 3-mile run. All PFT events will be conducted in a single session, not to exceed 2 hours in duration. Movement of Marines from one event to the next should allow adequate time to recover, stretch, and drink water.
This event is not timed, your score is determined by how many pull-ups you can complete before dropping off the bar. This event is male Marines only.
Flexed-Arm Hang
This event is timed, your score is based on how long you can hang maintaining elbow flexion. This event is for female Marines.
Abdominal Crunches
Your score is determined by the number of crunches you can do in the 2-minute time limit.
3-Mile Run
This event is timed, and your score is determined by how long it takes to complete the run.

Now they are adding these lovely events and testing more

The Marines tested three events scheduled to be implemented into the CFT during summer 2008. The events held included a casualty carry course, ammunition re-supply course and a maneuver under fire course.

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