Sunday, January 20, 2008


BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - Afghan and Coalition forces conducted an operation Friday to degrade Taliban operations in Zabul Province detaining four insurgents and an insurgent leader. The combined forces conducted a search in the Qalat District of Zabul Province targeting Taliban insurgents conducting anti-coalition operations in the area. Reportedly, the militants have also collected money forcibly from the local residents to purchase weapons and supplies. The combined force found and detained five insurgents with suspected ties to the Taliban during the course of operations. One of the detainees identified himself as a Zabul-area Taliban commander. The detainees will be questioned regarding their involvement in Taliban operations as well as other extremist activities. Afghan and Coalition forces' operations will remain focused on countering extremist activities to end the negative effects of those activities on the peaceful people of Afghanistan, said Army Maj. Chris Belcher, Combined Joint Task Force-82 spokesman

More from CJTF-82
The internal strife within the Taliban and between their Al Qaeda and sometime Hezb-I Islami Gulbuddin (HIG) allies has been increasing as reported here and here. As their insurgency wears on, the Afghan people themselves grow increasingly disenfranchised with their former rulers. The Afghan Daily, Arman-E Melli (Hope of the Nation) published their views in a story entitled “The Taliban Do Not Have an Alternative to End the War”. In the 9 January edition, published in Dari and Pashtun, they began by pointing out the sack of Mullah Mansur Dadollah by Mullah Omar, ostensibly the “Spiritual Leader” of the Taliban.

For those that don't see the significance of this here it is. If we turn these people who are realizing that outside influences are controlly their country and get them to stop fighting against the people who are trying to help them then they and us are winning. AQ/Talib has fought the Afghanis from fixing a hydro-power dam because they know it hurts the innocent and will drive them away from the coalition they can say look the Americans cannot give you power but if you help us we will restore the dam. etc etc

Keep an eye on this I know I will be.

Musa Qula
For those that missed this battle a few weeks ago it aprears the 82nd Airborne kicked in the door and the Afghan Army went into the room.

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