Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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Reducing collateral damage through better accuracy

Written by CJTF-82 Operations
Wednesday, 23 January 2008
Earlier this month, CH-47 helicopters delivered two M777A2 155 mm Howitzers from Forward Operating Bases Salerno and Ghazni. The M777A2 155 mm Howitzer with a three man crew can fire one round every ten seconds, maintaining a sustained rate of six rounds per minute, out to a range of 30 kilometers. The weapon systems provides both an extended range and the ability to fire Excalibur (XM982) rounds, new precision guided munitions. The XM982 precision guided extended range artillery projectile is the Army's premier satellite guided fire and forget smart munition. Because of its accuracy and increased effectiveness, the Excalibur XM982 requires fewer rounds to destroy a target, which will also effectively decrease collateral damage. The M777A2 155 mm howitzers are operated by artillerymen from 3/A/3-321 Field Artillery.

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