Monday, January 3, 2011

This could be huge

The Alikozai tribe has agreed to stop fighting ISAF primarily Marine forces in the Sangin district of Helmand Province. In this agreement the tribe has pledged to also kick out foreign fighters from their area of control. What this will mean in the short term is a need for greater security for this tribe as the Taliban will if history shows try to kill the elders and otherwise intimidate the tribe.

During the Awakening in Iraq the terrorists were successful in killing several leaders of the movement however U.S. forces were quick to beef up security and applying kinetic operations against al-Qaeda in Iraq(AQI). Also as learned from Iraq the need to let the tribesmen keep their weapons this is vital for two reasons one defense Afghan and ISAF forces cannot be every where at once and two weapons ownership is seen as a sign of manhood. We want these people to cooperate with us and become integrated into the Afghan government.

This agreement may have come from the tribe tiring of losing its young men that are hired by the Taliban to fight the Marines there. Killing people until they say enough has some merit to it.

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