Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Month in Afghanistan

December in Afghanistan has been a tough fight for a winter month. This is not the fighting season in Afghanistan and neither side seems to have let up.

A great deal of fighting focused in Helmand province with 17 U.S. KIA and 58 Taliban. Helmand is a stronghold of the Taliban and they will not give it up easily or quickly as some units are being engaged multiple times a day. Fighting will continue here throughout the winter as weather allows. Kapisa saw significant Taliban casualties 43 they were killed in great numbers in air strikes. Kandahar saw an alarming equal number of reported casualties reported for Taliban and U.S. forces. Most of the U.S. Casualties came from one attack that killed six servicemen.

The fight goes on keep an eye on Khost as the Haqqani Network is being hit both inside Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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