Thursday, January 6, 2011

The plot thickens in Pakistan

The police officer who murdered Punjab Gov. Taseer may have had help within the security detail. As I posted earlier this is a spreading problem inside of Pakistan who cannot control the radicalization of their people. Also this shoots a small hole in the theory that only unemployed and hopeless people become terrorists.

The assassin was a member of a supposed non-political, non-violent religious group in Pakistan. Why the the Pakistanis cannot admit Islam is a political system is either naive or flat stupid. Islam has been part of Pakistan's religious landscape since the country is formed and the reason for the blasphemy law as it stands. As it stands the murderer may have had help/non-intervention on the part of the whole squad of bodyguards in addition lawyers in Pakistan showered this guy with rose petals and 500 imams and scholars praised the killing. This incident may expose wounds in Pakistan they might not wanted to have admitted. If there is a majority shift to wahhbism and deobandism in Pakistan then the world and the region are in big trouble.

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