Saturday, January 5, 2008

Politician and the Iowa Caucus

I have not posted on this cause I have been busy with other stuff. My lovely bride and I watched the caucus the other night as she is getting interested in the political process. Her thoughts
1. John Edwards "is freaking nuts"
2. Obama is full of crap
3. Hillary is a fake.
God I love this woman.
Anyway our current argument is about who she likes on the repubs. Currently the Huck is her guy. My thought is I doubt this sucker can find Afghanistan on a map. He is too soft on crime etc but she likes what he has to say so far. Thompson I like Fred but I think he is losing out due to his image. Mitt is a politician first to slick to pretty but I like some of his stuff. Rudy may not be good in the south where I live but I am kinda liking him. I got a few months to decide yet.

Personally I think they are all pretty much the same liars, thieves, and scoundrels. Hey they wouldn't be politicians otherwise would they. Power corrupts too bad we cannot find a person these days that wants to be a person in power go for a couple years then go back to their jobs. I would love to have an election where everyone running couldn't have held public office before.

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