Saturday, January 5, 2008

Future U.S. Military rifle round?

Their has been some press on this already but I thought I would chime in.
SOCOM doing what SOCOM does has developed their own rifle the SCAR-L&H which has been discussed before. Now they have been developing their own rifle round. Designed to deliver better terminal effects. In other words knock someone on their back.
the 6.8x47 SPC by Remington.
100 Yards
2523 fps 2002 ft lbs energy
200 Yards
2202 fsp 1250 ft lbs energy
300 Yards
2017 fps 2017 fps 1039 ft lbs energy.

5.56x54 NATO SS109 round in current use.
77 grain round currently being used
100 Yards
2526 fps 1091 ft lbs energy
200 Yards
2313 fps 915 ft lbs energy
300 yards
2109 fps 761 ft lbs energy

I think everyone can see the difference all from a round that does not kick like a 7.62x51 and is not a prairie dog killer like the 5.56. Also on a cost scale all you have to do is replace the uppers on M16 or M4 and modify the magazine. Bingo there you have it done. That leads the good reader to say hey what about SAWs. OK I got that one fixed use the new Mk48 Mod 0 which is about the same size as a M249 in 7.62x51. So we are back to two calibers and if some enterprising designer can fix the Mk48 to fire the 6.8 round. We would be down to one!!
This is a pipe dream anyway as ordance officals have stated that there is nothing wrong with the M-16 family or the 5.56 round and dont look to replace it until something that can dramatically increase lethality and dependability comes along. I guess they are waiting on lasers.
Next up pistols....

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