Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Taking a Stand

Today Pakistan's High Commissioner to Britain made the statement that "Pakistan would have no choice but to stand with Iran if Israel attacked."  He claims that Pakistan's Shia population would not stand for an attack on Iran.  Really sir you can say this with a straight face as the Pakistan security services stand by and watch Shia get killed in their mosques, on the street, and wherever else terrorists can find them. 

Mr. Hasan also went on to state that the U.S. drone attacks have to stop.  What I find interesting is that the Pakistani military has fed the U.S. targets and have been very please at our killing off of the Meshud family.  He also stated that Pakistan would have to take punitive action against US forces if the drone attacks did not stop.  What Mr. Hasan should have said was that we do not like it when the U.S. kills off certain terrorists that we support.  This would have been a much more accurate statement by him. 

I think Pakistan already does enough by training, paying, and equipping the Taliban to kill US forces and by doing the same for groups like LeT to do the same to Indian targets and on occasion US targets in Afghanistan.  There is so much evidence to prove this it is becoming nearly impossible for the Pakistani government to do anything but cross their arms and say "is not."

On a different note I guess they feel like they have punished us enough for the killing of their soldiers who were firing on US and Afghan forces and have decided to start talking to NATO and the ISAF again.  Until the next time they get mad and close the borders again.  I like that Gen. Mattis is going to be the first one to visit.

Thanks Black Five for the Motivation Picture
General Mattis Led the First Marine Division into Iraq and commanded it during operations in Fallujah.  At one point during negotiations in Fallujah intelligence came out that the terrorist were going to kill him.  He actually wanted this to happen knowing that if he was killed his troops would be unleashed to clean that town out.  He is a guy I want as my commander putting him over Centcom was a great idea.  Only if they would let him do what needs to be done which is the leave the Taliban and their allies sticky, broke, and confused.

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