Sunday, February 5, 2012


Pakistan in case no one has figured it out is no friend or ally of the United States.  Not only are they state sponsors of terrorism they have also violated every piece of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty there is with their support of AQ Khan.  Dr. Khan has assisted the N. Korean and more recently the Iranian nuclear programs. 

The United States and it real allies at this time must work with the Pakistanis or our troops cannot be effectively supplied and admittedly the Pakistanis have attacked the Taliban groups that strike internal targets.  In saying this though with the other hand they equip, train, and fund the original Taliban, Lashkar e Toiba (LeT) and other groups.  The LeT under direct control of the former head of the ISI (Inter-Service-Intelligence) Ahmed Ghul carrid out the Mumbai attacks that killed 164 people and wounded a further 308.

Pakistan must be treated like the rouge nation its leadership has turned it into.  This desent happened under General Zia and expanded following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.  The same set of sanctions that are imposed against Iran and N. Korea must also be implemented against Pakistan.  In addition their nuclear weapons must be neutrilized and the U.S. ally themselves even closer to Indian.  This will serve two purposes help stop the spread of jihadism in S. Asia and counter China who is as big a rival of India as the U.S.

While Saudi Arabia and the Gulf funds the Jihad it is the Pakistanis who train and set them on their deadly course.  While al-Qaeda central has been reduced the tribal area of Pakistan still serves as a breeding ground for jihadists from across the world.

It is time the world treated Pakistan as it deserves to be treated.

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