Sunday, March 20, 2011

Foreign Fighters

In 2007 a cache of AQI documents was found after a raid in Sanjir Iraq which is on the Syrian border. This records were of 606 foreign fighters brought into Iraq to fight against US forces and the Iraqi government. Saudi Arabia (244) our friends and allies contributed more fighters than anyone else. The next country on the list was Libya (112) or 18.8%. All in all North Africa contributed 191 for 31% or foreign fighters.

This is something to think about when we rally behind the Libyan rebels/freedom fighters.


Anonymous said...

Young, Poor, and Jobless
Which Middle Eastern countries are most susceptible to revolution?

Libyan rebellion has radical Islamist fervor: Benghazi link to Islamic militancy:U.S. Military Document Reveals

Anonymous said...

Chilling report from an "anti-Ghaddafi" demonstrator outside the Libyan embassy here (and one who had the temerity to ask for money in exchange for information)-- Ghaddafi now plans to switch allegiance to al-Qaeda -- how utterly predictable..

trollsmasher said...

Yeah he threatened to do that last week. Sadly they would take his money but his Islam is not the right type to fit into AQ mold. They have already branded him an apostate. A couple years ago he had to send the military after the jihadists in the Eastern part of the country. My fear is that his own security service can stir up enough trouble.

Anonymous said...

...and goodness knows they've had enough practice in recent years.

Seems to have really hit the jihad jackpot this evening..