Sunday, March 20, 2011

B2 Bombers

We have used B2 bombers to launch an attack against Libya's air forces. This is all well and good so we have blown holes in some concrete and destroyed some planes. Apparently Libya's air force has been grounded since yesterday's shoot down of a Mig23/27 over Benghazi. So the no fly zone is working.

Now we have other issues:
Qatar is sending planes but they will not drop bombs.
Some of the Arab League countries whose support we need are wavering because we are having to launch air to ground attacks against targets. Was how to impose a no-fly zone not explained to them?
China and Russia are already not happy about the ground strikes (hopefully this is just noise they have to do politically as they do not want to be seen backing anything the West does).
Let me be clear I do not agree that with Gaddafi when he says it is al-Qaeda leading the rebellion against him. However Libyans are well represented in Islamic terrorist groups including al-Qaeda and I think are very much involved with this rebellion. According to the link I added our military thinks the same thing as well. We are getting played by the rebellion and are providing close air support for a group that will not be any better than Gaddafi.

I still want to know what the end game is are we trying for regime change? Are we just going to keep Gaddafi's air force on the ground and let the rebels try to do everything else themselves (if this is the case they will lose)? Or like I said above are we going to try and shape the battlefield so the rebels can overcome Libya army and mercenaries.

To our counter-terrorism people be prepared Libya can still strike soft targets and if he cannot himself he has paid terrorists before he can again. Do not be surprised if some terrorist groups start seeing offers to fill their coffers in exchange for attacks to be launched.

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