Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today in Pakistan

An estimated 40,000 people demonstrated in favor of keeping Pakistan's strict anti-blasphemy law. An interesting quote from on of the speakers is that the blasphemy law "is a divine law" I have read a good bit of the Koran and do not recall anything in it about a state enacting a law of this sort. From Dawn: "Alas! There is simply is no justification, theological or otherwise. Respected and deeply learned Islamic scholars like Javed Ahmed Ghamidi have repeatedly insisted that there is no historical or theological example or space in the workings of Islam for a law such as the blasphemy law."

What started all of this is that a Christian woman offered some farm hands she worked with some water. The Muslims thinking that since the water was touched by a Christian it was unclean and she was attacking their Muslimness which of course blasphemes against Mohammed. The woman was then gang raped and when the case went before a judge he sentenced her to hang. Now the woman is still in custody and the Pakistanis have increased here security in the hopes that she will not be killed in prison. Meanwhile a reward of $Rs30 has been put on this woman's head by a mullah which the Pakistanis are trying to find.

Keep in mind the number of people at the rally today and then the number of people who commented on a very good article out of Pakistan that I linked to above. There are only 250 some odd comments in support of the article what is 250 v 40,000 that protested today.

Is it really any wonder that the tribal areas have not been dealt with? When the security services are so penetrated by jihadists and those that would use the Taliban and AQ as proxies to fight both India and the U.S.


trencherbone said...

Sexual Jihad - Demoralising and Humiliating the Infidels, the religious motivation behind the Islamic pedophile networks

trollsmasher said...

trencherbone, sad to say that this was also touched upon by the former British home minister who saw white women as prey.