Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Busy day

Hezbollah walked out of the Lebanese government today over the Hariri murder investigation and the fact it is going to be proven they carried out the attack which in turn proves the Syria and Iran were behind the attack. While I doubt would go as far as to point fingers at the states that sponsor Hezbollah it goes without saying they were aware it was going to happen. Also Hezbollah does not like to be seen as anything but a a legitimate political party remember they are defenders of Lebanon not terrorists. This report could have far reaching consequences on the world's out look on Hezbollah. However unfortunately I doubt most Americans even know who or what Hezbollah is or represents.

Secondly it was reported 31 minutes ago that US drones hit a target in N. Waziristan in the area controlled by the Haqqani Network. This attack reportedly killed at least six. The drum beat of attacks has again picked up in North Waziristan as an attack was launched yesterday. When reading the article from the Long War Journal pay special attention to the number of Britons and Germans killed over the last several months.

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