Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pakistan's problem

This article from Dawn sums up Pakistan problems. They are actively encouraging Jihad in Kashmir. Guess where these jihadis train, the Federal Administered Tribal Areas. Where do they go for combat experience? Afghanistan....So we have an ally if not actively encouraging jihad then tacitly supporting it.

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John Knight said...

Kashmir present an interesting civil liberties issue. Being predominantly Muslim and being claimed by both India and Pakistan put the US in a precarious spot. India is a major trading partner that feel geography and history not religion solidfy their claim yet Pakistan claim India stole the area. The US has to struggle with supporting India or Pakistan both have different strategic value.
The liberty issue is being a country that is built of principles of freedom how do you address a people that feel oppressed by a foreign power, and on the other hand the oppressed people hate the US.