Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have been quiet about current operation in Astan

So far Operation Together has gone off fairly well. The Taliban are again using human shield becuase they know our ROE which all but prohibits to the point of costing US lives the use of force that would endanger civilians. Our grand father would be find this extemely amusing as they destroyed Europes cities. Keep in mind however this is a different time and and different war.

The main threat of the Taliban to combat troops is of course the IED, the biggest challange is to find them, and clear them before they go off. Well this Marine Col. is having a hard time doing this seems the Talib keep placing mines as fast as their guys can clear them. Here is a suggestion put a platoon to guard the intersection....

Also big happenings in Pakistan with the capture of the Talilban's number two and military commander in Pakistan. I wonder how much that cost us. For those that need a reminder, Pakistan's ISI encouraged the creation of al-Qaeda, the LeT who brought us the Mumbai attacks, and of course the Taliban. All in the name of keeping India off balance and creating strategic depth.

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