Sunday, October 18, 2009

Suicide Attack Against the Iranians

In a new twist an Iranian Sunni group launched a suicide attack against the Republican Guard killing 5 generals and 20+ others. Of course they blame the United States because we have a history of supporting Sunni terrorists and suicide bombing in general.

How ironic would this be after years of support for al-Qaeda (yes folks they do look it up), being responsible for over 1500 US deaths, support of Hezbollah, etc that Iran would have to live with the same threat they have put the world under. A terrorist group willing to blow themselves up to get to their leadership. Think about the intelligence on this operation to hit this many high ranking people at once means good planning and possibly inside help. This is the MO of all the major Islamic terrorist organizations.

Iran will bleat to the world how the US was behind while cracking down on the Sunnis in the area in a manner that would make the Chinese blush.

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