Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pull out of Afghanistan

The Administration is beginning to position itself to be able to explain a pull out from what then candidate Obama said was the central front in fighting terrorism. This at a time when the Pakistanis are starting to move on the TTP in South Waziristan. I have voiced my skepticism on this offensive but it is a first start. We will see how it plays out. Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive posted a great article today about another side of Afghanistan we may not thing about. What will happen to the civilians if the butchers from the 7th century again take over. From the Washington post, we have given the people there especially the women a glance at what it is like to be free and to live without the burka, a chance to go to school, and a chance to live. However our CnC is proud of the hijab in the United States and it is beginning to look like he is willing to put the women of Afghanistan back in the burka if it will score him political points.

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