Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not getting it

This week the Obama administration sold out two of our most stalwart new allies, Poland and the Czech Republic. With the removal of the anti-missile defense program being seen as a betrayal by the Poles which was also announced on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland.
To argue that cost is an issue is stupid especially when that $10-15 million missle is tipped with a nuclear warhead. Let me see $70 million for the interceptor to hit a missle that could destroy a large part of a city that seems like a fair trade to me.

Then the next day it is announced by the IAEA that the Iranians are now capable of building nuclear weapons. This announcment was buried in a suppressed report that was only forced out into the open by the FRENCH for crying out loud. This was coupled with a NIE that said that Iran is still 3-5 year away from developing an ICBM. So what is the administration going to do during its last three years in power? My sense is nothing.

The current plan:
The Sec State says that the US has Iran surrounded with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and a large naval presence in the Persian Gulf. So what does this mean we are going to leave troops in these countries forever? Russia has long said it will not support more sanctions on Iran and this alone will prevent further isolation of Iranian regime due to its veto vote on the Security council. So is there really a plan probably not

Iran with nuclear weapons will be a threat to not only Israel but its Sunni neighbors in the Middle East and Pakistan. This will lead to an arms race in a region of the world rife with instability, unhappy populations, corrupt leaders, and religious hatred that will that may override the urge to not use these weapons.

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