Friday, June 12, 2009

WTF outrage of the day

What is the administration thinking they are going to give know AQ and Taliban members the same rights as criminals. Do you know what we did to combatants caught out of uniform in WWII we FREAKING SHOT them. Now we are going bring them to the United States and give them criminal trials.

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Kevin said...

Yes we will my friend. They will be tried, convicted and put away forever. We will be better for it.
Summary execution is simply not what we should be doing. We have to show these people are criminals and that we are better than that.
To kill them is to justify their behaviour. I recommend "The Power of Nightmares" as an expose on how they think.
Also, a good many at GITMO were bounties. We offered cash for people. Not specific people only, but for Taliban or Al Quaeda people. If someone brought someone else in and said they were one of those groups, we paid and took them. Those folks, including a 14 year old boy, are in no way worthy of summary execution.
To win this war, we must be willing to incur casualties more than we are willing to cause them. That is 2,000# bombs from 30K ft. is not going to be appropriate. Because we kill too many who are obviously not the target.
If we were fighting a uniformed nation on a battlefield, this might work on the fringes. We are not. Again I recommend "The Power of Nightmares".
I know we may disagree on this. I still call you friend. Convince me.