Saturday, June 20, 2009

Going after Meshud?

If you don't know who Baitullah Meshud is don't feel bad most people in American wouldn't know him from anyone else. Meshed is one of the main leaders of the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan and a general bad guy in general ordering suicide attacks against civilians, cutting off heads and all those other trademarks of the Taliban and AQ. Read on,2933,527841,00.html, sorry for those to fainthearted to read Fox news. Lets try some Pakistani news outlets
The U.S. military has gone after Meshed with Predator strikes in the past. If the Pakistanis can kill, contain or marganalize Baitullah that will go a long way to stopping some bloodshed until another head is grown to take over.
We can only hope the Paks are going to finish the counter-insurgency operations by trying to install good goverance in the provinces they are retaking.

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