Sunday, May 3, 2009

This really ticks me off

Yesterday in Iraqi in an army uniform shot and killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded three. When will these people understand that the soon they stop killing us the sooner we will leave and then they can get back to killing each other.
I wish the best for the Iraqi people and hope that some day they can live under the rule of law and have a strong government.
The problem is the Sunnis are wanting the power they had during Saddam's reign back but as a minority will not achieve this through diplomatic means. This leave insurgency and terrorism as their means to try to get back their power. With a strong representative government this can be avoided, but is democracy to much to ask? I hope not. Maybe a state department, USAID surge which has been proposed would do as much good as the military surge seen in Iraq and being seen in Afghanistan. It is not just military power that beats an insurgency far from it. The military can be used to give the civil administration time to establish governence. In the long term military power is not the key. The long term solution to an insurgency is a strong government people believe in.

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