Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This is bad!

There are reports coming out that we may have killed upwards to 100 civilians yesterday during bombings and ground operations in Afghanistan. This does nothing but enrage locals and create more Taliban fighters and sympathisers.
While we did kill 30 fighters including foreigners we also created at least another 100 Taliban while air support is necessary we have to think about limiting its use.
I know we are fighting to drive down causalities and every loss by coalition forces is tragic. But if the there is a doubt about civilians we have to go in with infantry so they can SEE what is going on and apply direct fires. Then as the terrorist/insurgents flee nail them with air power.
Yes we are fighting people that use civilians as human shields we also have to think about the effect killing these civilians this will have. Ther is no doubt that the Taliban, AQ, and associated groups are right now going to work progandizing this.
We did not make any friends and killed only a few of our enemies...Where is our proper counter-insurgency campaign. We have to protect civilians not kill them. This is a rehash of 2003-2007 in Iraq applying the heavy hand when we should not be.

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