Friday, January 18, 2008

Busy Day

I thought my day was busy and quiet frankly it was but these folks have been real busy.

Coalition forces capture criminal 'trainer' in Iraq. I am digging the way they call them criminals now. No sense in giving them any importance at all.

When they come to get you don't shoot you may not like the results.

Operation Raider Harvest part of Phantom Phoenix is transitioning from clearing operations to rebuilding. Clear it, move there, rebuild it train the Iraqis go home. I like this.

Sad News I just got this via centcom. Yes folks it is getting better but we are still at war. I wish the soldiers families the best.

Another great article from the long war journal.
Operation Phantom Phoenix, the current nationwide operation targeting al Qaeda's remaining safe havens, was launched on Jan. 8. Iraqi and US forces have captured or killed 121 al Qaeda fighters, wounded 14, and detained an additional 1023 suspects. Al Qaeda's leadership has been hit hard during the operation, with 92 high values targets either killed or captured.
Where is this in the msm???

Now on to Afghanistan
Marines as embed training teams. money quote "Where else does a lieutenant colonel get to drive and gun? Where else does a first sergeant get to drive and gun?"

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