Friday, January 18, 2008

I rag on the French

MERMI has posted basically a how to manual on how the umma can attack Paris in the most dramatic fashion.

A small snippet

"[Regarding the time needed to prepare the bombing:]...The attacks of the mujahideen are usually martyrdom attacks. Though we have seen a few rifle attacks, I prefer an attack that includes an explosion and the taking of hostages in a public facility, like the [attacks] carried out by the Chechen heroes. Such an attack will receive proper media attention and will produce better results - [such as] even the demand to liberate prisoners incarcerated in the jails of the tyrants [in Muslim countries] and in the jails of the Crusaders.

Just so everyone know this chat is hosted by a U.S. company NOC4Hosts Inc. in Florida, USA. I am sure there are websites that us normal people use to talk like this but we would be crucified. See not being in Iraq has not and will not do the French any good I think I am warming to Sarkozy lets see what he can do to break Frances Intifada

read the rest from MERMI

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