Monday, February 18, 2008

Technical Sgt Dean

When an American convoy in southern Afghanistan suddenly came under small arms and rocket propelled grenade fire, Sergeant Dean immediately made contact with a flight of two US Air Force, F-15 Strike Eagle aircraft overhead. After the planes made their first strafing run, Sergeant Dean announced calmly over the radio that he’d been shot by insurgents in the stomach below his body armor. Despite his injury, Sergeant Dean continued to direct the aircraft, calling for battle damage assessments and additional strikes against the attacking insurgents. His parting words over the radio as the MEDEVAC helicopter came in were “make sure my guys get out of here.” Sergeant Dean’s coolness under fire and disregard for his own injuries, while supporting his comrades in battle, exemplify the finest traditions of heroic actions in combat! DATE: 27 October 2007 LOCATION: Southern Afghanistan UNIT: US Air Force POSITION: Joint Terminal Attack Controller

Where do we get such men as these?

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